The journey to becoming the Footwear Creative.

Hello World.

My name is Mark, and I’m a footwear creative.

  • Born and raised near Liverpool, England
  • Graduated (BA hons) Footwear Design and Technology at DeMontfort University
  • Working in the industry continuously since graduating in 2003
  • Designed and developed hundreds of shoes, under several categories for two multi-brand design / sourcing houses before working for global entities such as New Balance, Adidas and Lacoste.
  • Currently exploring new ‘innovation’ frontiers including 3D design, NFTs, digital showrooms, metaverse opportunities and interactive video editing as well as building websites (such as this one) and brands.
  • Both product and business orientated. Has the rare ability to work and create within the design role, impliment ideas as a skilled developer and stratergize as a product manger. Maintaining focus on the consumers needs and the companies goals.

My roles within the industry have spanned from design to development and project management for several major brands. I’ve worked with factories and companies in both the UK and Asia and have been lucky enough to travel the world in search of the next big wave of inspiration.

My diverse experience has led me to expert status in many related areas of fashion, footwear, and design. Through this journey, my passion and ambition have been fully realized and my skillsets can be widely applied.

Please take your time to navigate the site which gives you the opportunity to browse examples from my portfolio and view several other interesting projects I’ve undertaken.


Years of Experience


Current Location

A student of traditional hand-made techniques, who built a name designing sports shoes before transitioning to multi-lane product creation within the world’s fastest moving and most innovative ‘Makers Lab’.

My Experience

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2020 Onwards

Adidas – Snr. Product Creation Manager (VN)

Leading, product managing, and developing new footwear creation within the Vietnamese factory base. Taking the design vision from sketch to store.


New Balance – Creative Design Manager (EU)

Manager of the directional European design hub and footwear lead


Lacoste – Footwear Designer II (London)

Responsible for designing both Men’s and Children’s lifestyle models.


Multi-brand Footwear Designer I (Manchester)

Creating new products for the design and sourcing companies, Jacobsons and

Focus Sport and Equipment (JD ownership)

What People Say

I’ve been lucky enough to work with, collaborate, and recruit some incredible talent. This is their feedback…..

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